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  • Sized then Triple Primed so ready to paint

  • Artists Grade 12oz Canvas for Oils, Acrylics or Alkyd paint

  • 36mm Deep, clean tack-free edge

  • Can be framed, or hung unframed

  • Made by renowned Artist Canvas maker

  • Loxley Gold pre-stretched canvases are well known by artists for their superior quality and finish. This well primed, medium grain, smooth textured cotton canvas is ideal for all techniques (including wet-on-wet, impasto etc.) in Acrylic, Oil or Alkyd paints. The special four coat priming formula provides a surface which holds the paint well, preventing 'colour sink' and the degradation of the cotton fibers. The canvas is hand stretched over correctly profiled wooden stretcher bars and secured on the rear, leaving the sides free of fastenings. With the 'clean' look this provides, plus the neatly tailored corners, the finished painting can be left unframed for a modern look if desired.

    Loxley Gold Chunky canvases are stretched with a rubber-like spline instead of tacks or staples which results in an even tension without the need for corner wedges. In addition to providing a great surface to work on, this system aids art conservationists if the painting needs to be re-stretched or re-tightened in the future. The larger of the canvases have cross bars to add strength and stability to the frame. The cross bars in the Loxley Gold Chunky are inset to avoid paint lines being formed when painting with a 'heavy-hand' or palette knife technique. Each canvas is presented in a sealed poly wrapper and has the Loxley logo embossed discreetly on the back of the stretcher frame.

    Box Contains

    1 x Loxley Gold Chunky Depth Blank Canvas

    Loxley Gold 16 x 12-inch 40 x 30 cm 37mm Chunky Deep Edge Artist Quality Stretched Canvas Primed - REM8UAFAU