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We are a property auction any market there will come a time where prices have fallen to a
level so that it is actually cheaper for people to buy at auction and then rent.

Our new business model enables us to offer a Solution for property buyers or those looking for their first investment property so whether your a landlords or private buyers.

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Why property investment makes so much sense

Property Auctions London have proven to provide an excellent property investment platform proven time and time again that UK property doubles in value every ten years.

As for London property, the promised transparency may yield a fund of wisdom, but it will not stop the sales. That requires a determined programme of regulation. If rural councils can restrict house sales to local people, so can London.

If other cities can curb foreign buying-to-leave, so can London. If New York co-ops can restrict ownership to occupiers or renters, so can London. A London property left unused for a year should simply be sold or let. And it should be properly taxed. This is not about being left or right. It is about a civilised city proofed against corruption.

All such measures were available to Cameron five years ago. He did nothing. They are still available. I suspect he will do nothing but make another speech.

Annual property price growth in England and Wales down to slowest for two years

The average property price in England and Wales increased 4.2% year on year and 0.5% month on month, according to the latest data from the Land Registry, the lowest annual growth for two years.
This took the average property value to £184,682 with the growth led by London which had the largest monthly rise of 1.7% and annual growth of 6.6%, taking the average price to £493.026.

On a regional basis the biggest annual price rise was in the East of England with growth of 8.4% and the North West saw the biggest monthly fall of 1.4%. The North West also has the lowest annual price rise of 0.2%.

A breakdown of the data shows a considerable range of price movements in London. The borough with the highest annual price rise was Newham, up 15.5% while Barking and Dagenham experienced the highest monthly price increase, up 2.2%.

Camden saw the largest annual fall of 1.7% and Kensington and Chelsea experienced the greatest monthly fall with average prices down 1.1%.


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