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As a London based property Auction one thing has always set us apart from our competitors though, our expertise. The single thing that makes the difference and keeps us away from our competitors is that we have a feel unique model this means that we offer well priced properties that no one else gets eight off primarily this comes off our estate agents community and the fact that we are well and property managers as well as asset management companies and can make you a quick house sale offer if needed.

What makes prices rise again? Prices will rise again as the market strengthens at the present time the restriction of capital winding is still one of the primary issues around property price rises in the UK

No one can predict accurately when a market will bottom out – which is why it is so important to use a property auction that understand it’s local market.

No one can predict the future in terms of where property prices will go which is why it’s so important to know what you’re buying why you’re buying it whether for investment or family use and making the a decision that serves your longer term goals

We are a leading property auction in London and are looking to grow our presence with partners in each discipline

Property offers you a fantastic way of achieving a long terms income or the opportunity to sell – selling at auction can be fun and easy.

We are at auction house sale specialists and run our property auctions London , and we are very experienced in helping people looking to sell and who may be buying property at auction and we will work with you to buy your house immediately.

You save you time by eliminating the need to sell via agents with lots of viewers coming to see your home – with our UK wide locations we can cover anywhere in England or Wales and we still have property auctions Scotland – to sell homes North of the border.

The process is simple; we will carry out a no obligation valuation, followed by our cash offer for your property, which is typically up to 85% of the market value. There are no fees and we will pay your legal costs on completion of the sale. If you have found an ideal home and you are struggling to sell your property then we can work to the timescale that suits you. If you have ever thought ‘How can I sell my house at auction’ then you have come to the at auction property sale specialists, and we can buy your property as quickly as you would like us to. See below the benefits of a cash house sale, selling your property at auction.

If you are selling a house or flat, and want at auction and hassle-free property sale then please speak to us today.

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